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Pessoa elogiada JOHANN BECKERS
Elogiado por Veronika Peat

A great day out away from the studios with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. The itinerary included an excursion to Azulejos de Azeitão, where we had a tile-making demonstration and painting workshop and a visit to the local seaside spots specially selected by our guide, with a lunch stop at a traditional Portuguese restaurant. A refreshing and enjoyable experience I highly recommend!

Pessoa elogiada JOHANN BECKERS.
Elogiado por Ellen Angus

What a beautiful adventure of a day! Johann created a wonderful excursion for three artists, first stopping off at a tile factory where we learned the process and made a tile for ourselves. We then toured the local nature and countryside, stopping at some beautiful difficult-to-find locations before heading to a paradise-like beach where we had locally caught fish. The whole day was thoughtfully curated to our interests. A lovely guide. Thank you!

Elogiado por John Berry

Johann possesses the exceptional ability to anticipate his guests’ experiences, and in the case of our group, he went far above and beyond what I could have expected. His knowledge of this area of Portugal is comprehensive and nuanced, knowledge which he uses to craft travel experiences that feel as surprising and meaningful as being introduced to a new place by an old friend.

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